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Voluntary carbon markets are experiencing the turbulence of growth, with particular contention around the quality of the outcomes being produced by the projects underlying carbon offsets. Capital is not being efficiently channelled towards the right projects — those which result in optimal natural capital outcomes. Even though high-quality projects do exist, demand outstrips supply — most high-quality offsets have been bought out many years in advance.

One of the root causes of quality issues lies in the domain of objectives, protocols and methodologies. Some issues include:

  • Friction, fragmentation, and bottlenecks in the development of methodologies and protocols – often being created by project developers themselves, with the attendant conflicts of interest that this obviously implies;
  • Protocols, methodologies and objectives today are too general and fail to adequately cover or apply to the heterogeneity of projects themselves;
  • Lack of consensus on protocols and methodologies, and lack of standardisation for recurring components of modules of protocols that are common across families of project;
  • Novel or newer natural capital outcomes beyond carbon (such as soil quality, biodiversity, water) are precluded from participating due to the problems above.

Objectives, protocols, and methodologies are key determinants of the quality of the environmental outcome and, therefore a key intervention point.

Hypothetically, if we can set the right environmental objectives, this should result in the right methodologies and protocols being created and adopted, which should result in a higher probability of the right environmental outcomes being achieved.


We aim to create the objective, protocol and methodology infrastructure components needed to allow natural capital markets to work as efficiently and rapidly as possible towards optimal natural capital outcomes. We envision a frictionless environment in which scientific theory, data sources and natural capital outcomes can be connected in a transparent, machine-readable format. We are not setting out to be a new standards agency or ratings agency but rather to facilitate others to generate and compare protocols. We believe this is necessary to accelerate progress towards optimal natural capital outcomes.

We have spent several months developing initial concepts with our partners on the above so you can hit the ground running. However, if you have your own radical ideas to help achieve this goal – or any other cutting-edge approach – we encourage you to apply.


You’ll join DSV as the first Founder in the Natural Capital Markets opportunity area and work with us to develop concepts for and spin-out a new climate company as the CEO or CTO.

Taking up a Founder role at DSV differs quite significantly from the entrepreneur in residence (EIR) role in other funds or venture studios. Instead of scouting for existing technologies which might overcome a specific challenge, you will start with identifying the areas where there is neglect or repeated failure yet potential solutions exist if considered from a different perspective, mapping the limitations to existing approaches at the specific and macro-level and considering the constraints of the broader ecosystem (capital, expertise, IP, knowledge, competition). You will start to build a company, iteratively determining the optimal solution for the problem, and DSV will guide you through every step of the process.


  • We’re looking for a candidate with deep expertise in at least one of the following (or related): carbon offsetting, carbon projects, natural capital and ecosystem service protocol, methodology and standard development.
  • We are especially interested in candidates with a good understanding of platform (especially API) development and/or scaling SaaS or data platforms.
  • Needless to say that a strong desire to build a company to make a huge positive impact towards the net zero carbon transition is a must; you cannot wait to get started!


We are a team of operators who have founded companies and led the translation of science at some of the most respected universities, charities, funds and government agencies. 2/3 of the team have founded or led a company at C-suite, and 65% have a PhD. We are deeply involved in each company, helping across:

  • Exploration: Deconstruct the Building the Operating System for Natural Capital Markets opportunity area and identify possible approaches for venture spin-out. We offer mentorship and guidance through weekly deep dive work sessions, access to our opportunity insights and knowledge base, access to a global network of experts, access to a community of other science Founders working on launching their own companies, and a curated collection of resources and proprietary tools.
  • Building: Build a team of co-founders and advisors around the most promising approach(es). We offer Co-Founder(s) sourcing and assessment via our proprietary tools, advisory board sourcing, advice on technical and commercial investment milestones, co-development of technical roadmap and go-to-market strategy, investment readiness pre-launch with further focus on technical and commercial proof, customer development support.
  • Accelerating: Secure capital and focus on technical proof-of-concept development with support from our industry partners. We offer £250k pre-seed investment, access to our industry network, advice on follow-on fundraising strategy, including introductions to seed investors and potential customers from our global network, support with term sheet negotiation, supporting grant applications to leverage further non-dilutive funding and value uplift and access to a community of seasoned science founders in our portfolio.

Additionally, we provide a monthly stipend of £2,916 so that you’ll have guaranteed income before you’re able to secure the pre-seed investment. In other words, we pay you to start your own company. We also cover pre-investment expenses that are crucial for developing the idea/project.


Deep Science Ventures is creating a future in which both humans and the planet can thrive. We use our unique venture creation process to create, spin-out and invest into science companies, combining available scientific knowledge and founder-type scientists into high-impact ventures. We operate in 4 sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Agriculture and Computation, tackling the challenges defining those areas by taking a first principles approach and partnering with leading institutions.

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Deep Science Ventures is a venture creator, combining available scientific knowledge and founder-type scientists into high-impact ventures, to build a...