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Aug 15

Hey there,

Oliver and Vincent here, co-founders of Memex.Garden, and we’re looking for a senior full-stack developer to join our 3 person team. $7-10k/month salary plus shares in the company.

Memex is a personal & collaborative reader to collect, annotate and discuss websites, PDFs and Youtube videos. By yourself or with your team and community. We're in Beta and you can download it here: (we're also looking for a designer helping us to polish the website and product, as you may notice 😅, hit us up).

Next, you'll be working on the collaborative curation and annotation workflows, and then on the sync between Discord and Memex Spaces to automatically extract links and conversations from there. Here is a demo of it.

We raised $200k for this Discord<>Memex project with support from Protocol Labs as well as leading people at Protocol Labs, Anaconda, Ceramic & RMRK.

Why is this ReFi?

We fund Memex as a Steward Owned company to reduce profit maximisation incentives and increase economic freedom for regenerative behaviour, while still being able to richly reward those who take risk and invest their time or money.

We do this because we want to prevent extractive business practices like lock-ins or ad business models that would already in the mid-run hurt users of our product and our long-term mission which requires a free flow of information.

The most suitable solution we currently see to achieve this and are currently implementing is through capping profits for team, contributors and investors combined with an early-stage community fundraise.

Here is a summary of our current way of thinking about the approach.

What we are looking for with this position:

While we use Typescript and React across the entire stack we don’t look for a checklist of technologies but for someone that can demonstrate experience and deep knowledge about programming and the surrounding skills to ship projects. (We’re not open to junior positions at this moment)

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer who

  • is at the stage of their career where they really enjoy coding. It's also ok if you see yourself doing other things in the future and we’ll support you with that. For the next 3-4 years we need someone who can help us ship (code) with joy and energy
  • values how much certain ideas and technologies fit the problem at hand and the overall architecture of the product, not which technologies are hot at at the moment.
  • enjoys analyzing problems, communicate how you’re going to solve them, the trade-offs involved with your approach, converting that into well-written code that your colleagues will have a good time continuing on and transferring knowledge.
  • likes working in a small team and is OK with the pressure of a startup. You’ll be the 4th team member.
  • is on a journey of personal growth and want to be given opportunities to grow and learn

Here’s some other more things important to us:

  • We’re building a platform encouraging the the discourse of opposing ideas, and are strong proponents of free speech and care for our fellow humans. So even though we may intensely disagree, we recognise those who we disagree with as people with fundamental rights and human needs. We don’t like cultures of cancelling & labelling people with all sorts of -isms and one-sided views and instead want to live in a world that is curious about different viewpoints.
  • The hurry to get out features and the need to clean up code so we can continue to ship quickly are at constant odds with each other. You can identify what’s needed to keep us nimble and are good at communicating that to developers and non-developers alike.
  • You’re passionate about opportunities you see to make the product and our experience working on our project great and clearly communicate advantages and trade-offs, but you recognize the different perspectives will enhance your ideas, or show that your idea is not the right fit for a particular context.
  • You value simple code that is easy to understand over smart code that people are afraid to change or costs needless effort to dive into (including for your own sake after you’ve forgotten how the cleverness works.)
  • You can clearly communicate how much autonomy or guidance you need to get things done, but can also concisely keep people who depend on your work up to date and provide them with what they need to get their things done.

How is working on our code?

Argh, the dreaded topic, working on someone else's code base…what if it was good tho?

Memex runs across an offline-first extension & mobile app, as well as a firebase cloud sync and web interface. We're proud that we've been able to build everything with only 1-2 full time developers so far. Our architecture enables us to do much more with a small team because we do combine simple ideas in exciting ways and we care about improving our developer experience. Because of that, it take us substantially shorter to implement new features & it’s a fun code base to work with. We were able to do things like porting the entire business logic from the extension to mobile in just 3 days.

Sounds like you want to get to know us?

Write us an email or a DM on Twitter and tell us why you want to work here and how your skills and experiences match what we are looking for.

Looking forward to hear from you and jam together!

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