8 Top Podcast Episodes to Learn About Regenerative Finance

This post is intended to be an ongoing resource for podcast episodes across the globe who discuss the topic of regenerative finance.

My Climate Journey - Startup Series: Toucan

Guests - Raphaël Haupt, Co-Founder & CEO, and James Farrell, Co-Founder & CTO, of Toucan Protocol.

About the episode - In the episode, Raphaël and James explain what ReFi is, the origination of Toucan, and a brief overview of Web3. They also dive into why they are applying ReFi's key principles to carbon markets, the existing carbon market and the problems associated with it, and the role Toucan plays in addressing the climate crisis.

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Disruptors for GOOD - How Regen Network is Pioneering Ecological Assets for the Regenerative Finance Economy

In this episode of the Disruptors for Good podcast, Grant Trahant speak with Gregory Landua, Co-founder and CEO of Regen Network, on the regenerative finance industry and the massive potential to change the way we look at money and environmental assets.

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ReFi Podcast - What is ReFi?

In this episode John and Simar take a chance to pause and unpack, what is ReFi? Taking a look at the origin of the movement, the core concepts, ideas, and technology that make it possible, but above all provide a resounding invitation to all who want to do their part in this #climate symphony to make a difference.

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Farm Gate - Regenerative finance: The one with Robyn O'Brien

In this episode, ffinlo Costain talks to Robyn O'Brien, the best-selling author of The Unhealthy Truth, who in September 2020 was named in the Forbes Impact 50, a list of the top impact investors in the USA.

Robyn's TED talks have received over a million views. The discussion centers on Robyn's new investment fund, RePlant Capital, which is based in the USA and worth $250m.

RePlant’s flagship fund, its Soil Fund, is focussed on the transition of US farmland to regenerative agriculture.

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Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food - Johannes Scheibe on Using Carbon Credits to Transition From Understocked and Overgrazed to Zero Input Grazing

A conversation with Johannes Scheibe, founder of Ruumi, a satellite grazing app, about financing land regeneration and how Ruumi works with farmers and companies to create the conditions for a better future.

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Kernel DeFi Podcast - Flowcarbon, Carbon Credit Markets on the Blockchain w/ Dana Gibber, Co-Founder & CEO, and Nick Chen, Head of Carbon Finance

If you are curious about how web3 could provide positive social impact you don't want to miss this episode where they spoke with Dana Gibber, Co-Founder & CEO at Flowcarbon and Nick Chen, Head of Carbon Finance at Flowcarbon.

Dana & Nick are tokenizing the voluntary carbon credit market at Flowcarbon and are part of the burgeoning Regenerative Finance (ReFi) movement to use the power of web3 technologies to combat climate change.

They discuss what the voluntary carbon credit market is and who the key stakeholders (investors, buyers, projects) are, how representing carbon credits on the blockchain unlocks greater liquidity & applications beyond the current market, and where Flowcarbon will go in the future beyond carbon credit markets.

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GreenPill - Gitcoin Grants Round with GitcoinDAO

On this episode of Green Pill, Kevin is joined by Leon Erichsen, Associate PM on Passport, Annika Lewis, Workstream Lead for PGF, and Brent Martin, Senior PM at Moonshot Collective to team to talk all about Gitcoin Grants Round 15.

In addition, the group also talks about the history of GitcoinDAO, how Gitcoin Grants are shifting, and of course—how to get involved in this round!

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Bankless - Ether's Phoenix with Optimism's Karl Floersch

Karl Floersch is the co-founder of Optimism, the Ethereum rollup scaling solution, as well as one of the primary advocates in the space for public goods funding. Karl is inspiring on many levels—both individually with his seemingly boundless optimism and energy, and also his prolific work in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Optimism is simultaneously scaling Ethereum’s transaction space and its values & ethos, pledging to recycle its fees into public goods. A central goal of regenerative finance is to align economic value with our moral values, and Karl’s work on retroactive public goods funding is pushing us towards that brighter, solarpunk future.

They also explore the concept of ‘Ether’s Phoenix,’ a hypothetical being that rewards you for manifesting it—directly contrasting the concept of Roko’s Basilisk (research at your own risk).

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