13 Ventures and Investors Funding the Future of Regenerative Finance

As our world progresses, regenerative finance will become more and more important.

This is because the current financial system is not sustainable in the long term – it relies on continuous growth, resource extraction, and misaligned incentives.

Regenerative finance(ReFi), on the other hand, is based on principles of regeneration and sustainability, which means that it can be sustained indefinitely.

As more people begin to understand the importance of regenerative finance, we will see a shift away from traditional financial practices that are no longer sustainable. This shift will create a more sustainable future for all of us.

In order for us to see significant growth in regenerative finance and agriculture the industry needs investment and risk takers to be integrated in the broader ReFi eco-system.

Below are some of the investors that are currently funding the future of our planet and regenerative finance.

Celo Ecosystem Venture Fund

The Celo Ecosystem Venture Fund is a Polychain-led venture, supported by founding investors Andreessen Horowitz and Celo, with the goal of investing in and developing the Celo ecosystem.

The fund aims to foster Celo’s mission of creating a more accessible financial system by making strategic, seed-stage deployments into tools and services which will leverage Celo’s protocol to build new financial infrastructure in the developing world.

Meet the Celo Ecosystem Venture Fund

Aera Force

Aera Force is a DAO made up of climate investors, founders, scientists and civic leaders investing in accelerating us towards a regenerative world through web3.

They’re raising a 2000ETH fund and community to engage the world on the mission to back iconic ideas and teams building a brighter future.

Aera Force is a learning experiment co-founded by Gotham Labs, New York-based creator of the DreamDAO and Auckland-born global climate venture fund Aera VC.

Aera Force is investing in new web3 frameworks, protocols and concepts they believe accelerate a regenerative future.

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Steward is a private lender, working with regenerative farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and producers to provide the capital they need to expand and sustain their businesses.

Their goal is to bring regenerative agriculture and mission-driven lenders together to share in the good work of rebuilding local and equitable food systems for all.

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Farm VC

Farm VC is a climate investment platform that makes it easy to invest in land restoration.

Leveraging the team’s 15+ years of technology & data analytics experience, they’re building a community-powered tool for investing in undervalued land assets.

Their big bet is restoring this land to viable productivity and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Farm VC believe’s that collaborative efforts go further working together, because motivated communities make meaningful impact.

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Regen Ecosystem Fund

Regen Ecosystem Fund (REF) is the ecosystem venture fund of Regen Network. REF will fund the rapid, decentralized global growth of the Regen Network ecosystem.

The Regen Ecosystem Fund will focus on strategic early-stage investments to accelerate the adoption of Regen Network. This will create a vibrant ecosystem of companies using Regen Ledger and the $REGEN token as their backbone for ecological accounting, eco-credit provisioning, and Payments for Ecosystem Services.

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Climate Collective’s Grants Program

Climate Collective's mission to build a regenerative financial system and support the growth of a ecosystem of innovative projects and diverse builders around the world.

The collective achieve this by providing grant capital, technical advice, strategic partnerships, marketing, and broad support for climate-relevant web3 initiatives.

Grants are primarily intended for projects building climate-related applications that incorporate the Celo blockchain and integrate with the broader Regenerative Finance (ReFi) ecosystem.

More details on eligibility, requirements, and process can be found in the grant kit.

Learn more about the Climate Collective.

Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin is on a mission to build an internet that is open source, collaborative, and economically empowering.

They're creating a community and infrastructure for Web 3 — a diverse range of tools, technologies, and networks that enable people to work for the open internet.

By funding projects, building community, and making learning resources accessible, Gitcoin is teaming up to create the digital public infrastructure of tomorrow.

Gitcoin Grants is like a crypto-style patreon. You can raise money from supporters large & small, and earn even more from our quarterly matching rounds!

Gitcoin Grants sustain projects with Quadratic Funding.

Since inception Gitcoin Grants has empowered 2800+ projects with 48M+ in funding from its platform.

Cerulean Ventures

Cerulean Ventures backs crypto / web3 companies building the infrastructure and tools necessary to scale climate impact in this decade.

Cerulean Ventures is an investment firm that believes natural assets will unlock the next $50 trillion in growth, while incentivizing the regeneration of Earth through new coordination technologies. 

Cerulean focuses on the ecosystems in Cosmos Network and Regen Network, but invest actively outside it, as they believe the value unlocked by interblockchain communication (IBC) and other infrastructural innovations will rapidly scale climate impact through user-focused web3 tools.

Learn more about Cerulean.

Flori Ventures

Flori is an impact web3 seed-stage venture fund supporting a more inclusive financial system.

Flori wants to accelerate those who believe that a new financial system built on blockchain technologies can be vastly more inclusive than the one we have today, and who are committed to making that vision a reality. ‍

Flori grew out of the mission-driven community around Celo, an open blockchain platform created to solve real world challenges, starting with those who need it most.

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The HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF)

The HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF) has been established as the first fund of its type in the industry to help solve these problems. In 2022, they've allocated of over $100M to help in solving the climate crisis and address these challenges on Hedera. 

The SIF will do this through funding, support, and by raising awareness of projects that measurably change how the world works in a specific and attainable way across Environmental, Nature-based, and UN Sustainable Development Goal focused projects to facilitate systemic change for the planet.

Meet The HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund


Allegory invests in projects at the intersection of web3 and climate. The mission is to accelerate companies that will help humanity meet the challenge of climate change.

Meet Allegory.

Earth Fund

A low-fee giving platform, for big ideas that could save the planet, built on the blockchain, governed by the DAO and powered by the 1Earth token.

Earth Fund is using 15% of its equity (plus contributions and LP rewards) to build a planet-saving treasury, controlled by you.

All you need to do is buy a 1Earth token, join the DAO and you’ll be able to voting on how to use that money to make a real difference, right away.

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Draft Ventures

Venture studio led by Artia Moghbel & David Rodriguez.

Draft Ventures incubates, advises/accelerates & invests in pre-seed/seed stage companies in web3, climate, fintech, & proptech.

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